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Legal issues typically cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. At times, even your family and loved ones distance themselves to avoid getting involved. But you don’t have to go through this stressful time alone. With our experienced legal team at your side, you can feel assured that someone is fighting for you, considering every strategy that will get you the best possible outcome.

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How your case is resolved can have significant long term effects on your life. Too often we see people hire an attorney last minute, or choose the quickest, cheapest option without considering the long term consequences. We know that if you take the opportunity to talk with us, you will be certain of our professionalism and capability, and will have confidence that we are fully dedicated to your best interests.

  • We’ll provide you with an initial legal consultation completely free of charge, with no pressure to hire us, and no time limit on the meeting.
  • We specialize almost exclusively in Los Angeles County, so we’ve built relationships and are familiar with the judges.
  • We are always ready to go to trial or argue on your behalf before a judge.
  • We’ll present you with every possible option.
  • Our founding attorney personally handles and oversees every case himself.
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